Regulation Consultation – Be Part of It!

Program Awareness Sessions Held MOPIA will be hosting a series of free program awareness and Manitoba ODS 103/94 regulation consultation sessions beginning June, 2020. Participants will hear the latest and are encouraged to share ideas and any concerns. They will be conveniently held in various Manitoba locations.  Complimentary breakfast or lunch will be provided. Here […]

MOPIA’s 25th AGM held

MOPIA’s 25th Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, May 9, 2019 in Winnipeg.   Nomination Board of Director 2019    Notice of MOPIA 25th AGM 2019 Steward Membersf   AGM MOPIA 25 Agenda 9 May 2019f MOPIAs 24th AGM Agenda and Annual Report can be accessed here:  AGM MOPIA 24 Agenda 10th April 2018ff  MOPIA AR […]

MOPIA at Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (MARR) Forum

Genoa de Bruin presented at this years MARR Forum in Winnipeg, November 8. She highlighted the importance of properly disposing of white goods, including the recapture/recovery of the refrigerant gases and other elements, such as mercury, oils and possible other contaminants. White goods such as fridges, freezers, dehumidifiers and water coolers have as much impact […]

Current Ozone/Climate News (International)

Get the latest news from United Nations Environment Programme, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics:  OzoNews March 2019 8021-e-OzoNews_Vol_XVIII_15-30_December_2018_issue OzoNews_Vol_XVIII_15_October_2018_issue 7988-e-OzoNews_Vol_XVIII_30_September_2018_issue 7976-e-OzoNews_Vol_XVIII_30_August_2018_issue 7973-e-OzoNews_Vol_XVIII_30_July_2018_issue 7958-e-OzoNews_Vol_XVIII_15_May_2018_issue 7953-e-OzoNews_Vol_XVIII_30_March_2018_issue 7929-e-OzoNews-VolXVII-15December2017 7923-e-OzoNews-VolXVII-30October2017 7919-e-OzoNews-VolXVII-15October2017 (1) 7910-e-OzoNews-VolXVII-30September2017 7906-e-OzoNews-VolXVII-16September2017_Special-Montreal-Protocol-30th-Anniversary-Ozone-Day-issue OzoNewsVolXVII-30-AUGUST-2017 7900-e-OzoNews-VolXVII-15August2017  OzoNewsVolXVII-15-JUNE-2017 7867-e-OzoNewsVolXVII-15-MAY-2017 7864-e-OzoNewsVolXVII-30-APR-2017

MOPIA at Keewatin Tribal Council (KTC) Northern Manitoba Waste Management Conference

MOPIA provided provincial ODS certification training in Thompson, Manitoba in February 2019 to several KTC members, in addition to provincial (Sustainable Development) and federal (ISC) government officials. The training was aimed at the recovery of refrigerant from appliances and can be applied to automobile air conditioning refrigerant recovery too. Several communities have abandoned or scrap […]

Montreal Protocol Kigali Amendment spurs HFC Controls

New HFC controls by Environment & CC Canada The manufacture of new equipment with of high-GWP HFCs will be restricted based on the dates seen. Important note: The Regulations Amending the Ozone-depleting Substances and Halocarbon Alternatives Regulations (the Amendments) have been published in Part II of the Canada Gazette. More may be seen online at: Without immediate […]

Proof Chemicals Deplete The Ozone Layer

A new research paper recently published (January 4, 2018) in the Geophysical Research Letters “Decline in Antarctic Ozone Depletion and Lower Stratospheric Chlorine Determined From Aura Microwave Limb Sounder Observations” highlights that  inorganic chlorine is the catalyst in destroying ozone in the upper atmosphere, the stratosphere.  While this was often assumed, this is Paper is […]

Import Rules for HFCs Changing/Aerosol, Foam & Auto HFC A/C Bans (2021)

Environment and Climate Change Canada released details regarding the Amendments to the Federal ODS and Halocarbons Regulations coming into effect on April 16, 2018. See more here… Subject: Information Note 2018-01: Regulations Amending the Ozone-depleting Substances and Halocarbon Alternatives Regulations Please find attached an Information Note on the Regulations Amending theOzone-depleting Substances and Halocarbon Alternatives Regulations (the Amendments) […]

Canada and The Paris Agreement

On October 5, 2016, Canada’s Parliament ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It becomes effective on November 4, 2016. Canada’s provinces will have to develop an approach to address climate change or the federal government will intervene. GATINEAU, QC, Oct. 5, 2016 /CNW/ – Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna, released the following […]