MOPIA is unique to Manitoba and to the World. We are a government-appointed multi-stakeholder, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization designed to foster environmental protection of the stratospheric ozone layer and to mitigate climate change. MOPIA strives to encourage industry participation and progressive government regulatory policy to protect our atmosphere from harmful halocarbons. We have been doing this since 1994!

The organization is driven by a volunteer Board of Directors and by various paid staff positions. MOPIA does not receive any core government funding or corporate sponsorship funding, rather revenues are modelled by various fees paid by the industry that use and/or handle regulated substances or products. MOPIA is self-sustaining and successful in its stewardship approach.

The goal of the Manitoba ozone protection initiative is to work towards protection of the stratospheric ozone layer through the control, reduction and eventual elimination of emissions of ozone depleting and climate changing substances to the atmosphere. This includes an innovative partnership between industry, the public and government. MOPIA is committed to working within our objectives to successfully accomplish this challenging goal.

  • To work with industry, interest groups, the public at large, Manitoba Conservation and Climate and provincial counterparts in other provinces, the federal government and any other stakeholders in a consolidated effort to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of ozone depleting substances in Manitoba. To be the primary conduit for liaison between the various (ozone depleting substances) industry associations, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship and any other interested stakeholders. To function as a nonexclusionary association.
  • To increase public awareness of the impact of ozone depleting substances upon the environment and suggest measures which can be taken to reduce this impact.
  • To provide technical assistance to Manitoba Conservation (enforcement Environment Officers) on enforcement matters on a contract basis.
  • To administer certification training and support apprenticeship programs, as necessary.
  • Maintain an information system which includes all certified technicians.
  • Develop an information system for the maintenance of secondary distributor numbers and its related initiatives.
  • To liaise with Manitoba  Conservations’ Project Team relating concerns or issues arising from the Association and or its members.
  • To provide the Minister of  Conservation with unsolicited advice and recommendations on the effectiveness of the Regulation and suggest changes to the legislation if they appear necessary.
  • To respond to the Minister of  Conservation regarding requests for information (enforcement, database, record data sheets, etc.) or on new approaches to handling the control of ozone depleting substances.
  • To keep all stakeholders informed and up-to-date on matters related to ozone depleting substances and to facilitate the dissemination of this information to augment training programs in schools, colleges and other related training facilities.

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