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Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association (MOPIA)

1082 Main Street,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada    R2W 5J3

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Monday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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Phone:  (204) 338-2222       

Toll free: 1 (888) 667-4203   

Fax: (204) 338-0810





MOPIA is located in Winnipeg’s famous North End. We are just south of Redwood Avenue and the former landmark Kelekis Restaurant and across from Holy Family Home at the corner of Main Street and Aberdeen Avenue.

MOPIA is located on Treaty No. 1 the original lands and waters of Anishinaabe, Ininiwak, Anishininiwak, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

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Your Questions, Answered

After you have successfully completed the MOPIA certification training, you are now required to pay an annual renewal fee every June 1st.
You can do so by cheque, cash (in office) or by simply calling MOPIA reception directly at (204) 338-2222, or by visiting our Compliance page and paying it electronically.

As a certified service technician you are now responsible for renewing your certification by June 1st of every year. Technicians must also mail, fax or email copies of their record datasheets annually by February 1st. These records should include the use of regulated substances for the period of January 1st to December 1st. In regards to leaks, the technician is responsible for the reporting of leaks both in their annual services records, but also if over 22 lbs. to Manitoba Sustainable Development immediately.

Compliance on the Manitoba ODS and Other Halocarbons Regulation, including enforcement is carried out by Manitoba’s Environment Officers with Manitoba Conservation and Climate

If you have an ODP or ODS certification card issued from HRAI Canada, you qualify for a Manitoba certification card by contacting MOPIA directly. If you do not have another provinces certification, you will have to take Manitoba ODS certification training. See more on our Training page. 

Visit MOPIA’s website and the various links throughout. The United Nations Ozone Secretariat (UNEP) and other government sources have extensive information, (i.e NASA, NOAA).

Hydrocarbon refrigerants may be used only after a system has the regulated refrigerant safely recovered. Adding a hydrocarbon (or other) type of refrigerant into a system that contains a regulated substances is creating a cocktail or mixture of refrigerants and is not permitted. Also refer to the orignal equipment manufacturers specifications as some systems may not work as effectively and/or damage the equipment when a different type of refrigerant is added. Extreme caution and knowledge is the best practice.

No, topping-up any regulated refrigerant (as per MR 103/94 – HCFC, HFC, etc.) is never permitted. A leak test is required before adding any refrigerant. Refer to Manitoba’s approved leak test procedure in our compliance guide.

The reason being releasing refrigerant(s) into the atmosphere may be harmful to the ozone layer, climate system or have other environmental impacts.

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Environment Officer Branch Directory

Under provincial Manitoba Regulation 103/94, MOPIA administers the Manitoba ODS management program. Enforcement of the Regulation is by Environment Officers of Manitoba Sustainable Development.

Winnipeg, MB

1007 Century St., R3H 0W4

Fax: (204) 948-2338


Don Labossiere

(204) 945-7005

Administrative Assistant

Helma Martin

(204) 945-0675

Provincial Manager

Donna Smiley

(204) 945-7072

Emergency Response Coordinator

Scott Davies

(204) 792-1441

Emergency Response Program Specialist

Bert Krawchuk

(204) 945-7044

EMS Coordinator

Claudette Mardero

(204) 945-5803

Enforcement Coordinator


(204) 945-7061

Winnipeg, MB

1007 Century St., R3H 0W4

Fax: (204) 948-3833

Regional Supervisor

Yvonne Hawryliuk

(204) 945-5305

District Supervisor

Geoffrey Stephens

(204) 945-7043

Environment Officer

Kim Fedick

(204) 945-0992

Environment Officer

Marguerite Reimer

(204) 945-7016

Environment Officer

Julie Froese

(204) 945-7104

Environment Officer

Krista Olafsson

(204) 470-8285

Environment Officer

Sonja Bridges

(204) 918-4271

Environment Officer

Alvin Dyck

(204) 470-7548

Environment Officer

Nada Sureshkumar

(204) 945-8214

Selkirk, MB

Lower Level, 446 Main St., R1A 1V7

Fax: (204) 785-5024

Regional Supervisor

Mike Baert

(204) 785-5021

Environment Officer

Katie Martin

(204) 485-6797

Environment Officer

Allan Cyrenne

(204) 485-6410

Environment Officer

Edwin Yazon

(204) 785-5023

Environment Officer

Kris Innes

(204) 485-5643

Environment Officer

Kurt Dorward

(204) 785-0296

Gimli, MB

75-7th Ave, Box 6000, R0C 1B0

Fax: (204) 642-6108

Environment Officer

Kim Kmet

(204) 641-4091

Portage La Prairie, MB

309-25 Tupper St. N., R1N 3K1

Fax: (204) 239-3215

Regional Supervisor

Tyler Kneeshaw

(204) 239-3608

Environment Officer

Dupe Ige

(204) 239-3984

Environment Officer

Jay Rackham

(204) 239-3868

Lac du Bonnet, MB (Eastern Region)

Box 4000, R0E 1A0

Fax: (204) 345-1415

Regional Supervisor

Diane Oertel

(204) 345-1486

Environment Officer

Heidi Kroeger

(204) 345-1490

Environment Officer

Neil Rentz

(204) 345-1488

Steinbach, MB

Unit B - 284 Reimer Ave, R5G 0R5

Fax: (204) 326-2472

District Supervisor

Larry Markwart

(204) 392-3227

Environment Officer

Curt Bueckert

(204) 371-0889

Environment Officer

Nino Novelas

(204) 392-4487

Ste. Anne, MB

Unit A - 30 Dawson Rd., R5H 1B5

Fax: (204) 422-7032

Environment Officer

Justin Paillé

(204) 392-4020

Environment Officer

David Vielfaure

(204) 392-4009

Dauphin, MB (Western Region)

Dauphin Box 10, 27-2nd Ave. SW, R7N 3E5

Fax: (204) 638-8626

Provincial Manager

Tim Prawdzik

(204) 622-2123

Administrative Assistant

Tammy Wruth

(204) 622-2030

District Supervisor

Nicole Lavallee

(204) 622-2125

Environment Officer

David Yunker

(204) 622-2134

Environment Officer

Kayla Hagenson

(204) 622-2316

Brandon, MB

Box 13, 1129 Queens Ave., R7A 1L9

Fax: (204) 726-6567

Regional Supervisor

Peter Crocker

(204) 726-6565

Environment Officer

Kristy Forrestall

(204) 726-6974

Environment Officer

Paul Fagan

(204) 761-7964

Environment Officer

Rena Nayar

(204) 726-6566

Thompson, MB (Northeast Region)

Thompson Box 32, 59 Elizabeth Dr., R8N 1X4

Fax: (204) 677-6888

Regional Supervisor

Jeff Fountain

(204) 677-6703

Environment Officer


(204) 677-6857

The Pas, MB (Northwest Region)

The Pas Box 2550, 3rd St. & Ross Ave., R9A 1M4

Fax: (204) 948-2338

Regional Supervisor

Cristal Huculak

(204) 627-8248

Environment Officer

Dylan Funk

(204) 627-8499

Environmental Approvals Branch

123 Main Street, Ste. 160
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 1A5
Ph: (204) 945-8321

Emergency Response

24 Hour Emergency Response Line
Ph: 1-855-944-4888