Provincial Certification Training

Certification for Technicians:

In Manitoba (and other provinces), you must be certified to purchase and/or handle (work-on) any new or used refrigeration, air conditioning parts, refrigerant or equipment attached to the closed refrigerant loop. You must complete one of the various training program options and MOPIA offers this for you. Do it today via on-line or self-study or opt to take an in-classroom 1-day session (pending Covid-19 restrictions).

How to Get Trained and Certified in Manitoba:

On-Line Training:

MOPIA has developed an interactive on-line training portal, at  Cost is $195 pp. Follow the link to register.

New!  Correspondence Self-Study Training Kit:

This correspondence kit allows you to complete the material (read the manual and take the test) on your own. The cost is $210 per person picked-up or we can ship it out to you for $225 pp (mailed out via Canada Post).

Option A – Kit delivered to you (mailed to address in your purchase order)

Option B – You pick up kit at MOPIA office

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Classroom Training Option:

We plan on hosting classroom training as soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow. It’s best to register if you require training as we set class dates when we have enough interest/applicants. If there is sufficient demand in locations outside or Winnipeg, we will be pleased to organize a training session.

The class is usually held during one-day from 8:00 am – 5 pm (plus exam time) and the cost is $210.00/pp. For those that are unable to travel to Winnipeg or sites we offer the training, we offer self-study kits. Call us for details.

Link to the RRC Map:

Application Form to apply for the in-classroom Training is here:

Training (Certification) Application 2020F

Online Payment for in-classroom training

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Federal Code of Practice for the Elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions

The Federal Code of Practice is referenced in the certification training program. It is a useful instrument for good practices in various refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.

   Code Practice 2015 EC

MOPIA’s Training Manual
is available to see below but will be provided in person at the class (no need to print one off)

MOPIA Training Manual – Official Version

MOPIA Training Manual – Official Version Nov 2009

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