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Congratulations on completing the MOPIA Environmental ODS Certification Training!

Thank you for submitting your contact and relevant information. It is required in order to receive your certification card in the mail (expect the card in 3 – 5 business days) and for statistical purposes. Your personal information will not be shared. 

  • NOTE: Please contact MOPIA if there are changes to your preferred contact information. 


As a new graduate, you now have access to a downloadable version of the training manual, as well as downloadable versions of the various forms you may need. To reach this page again in the future, simply locate your graduation email, and click the link once again, or use: 

Please take the time to complete a short survey regarding your experience with this training course. Access the survey through this link:


If you require any additional information, please contact MOPIA at or (204) 338-2222

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Downloadable Resources

ODS Training Manual

Forms and Record Sheets

The Manitoba Ozone Depleting Substances and Other Halocarbons Regulation 103/94:
The Federal Code of Practice is a useful tool used as a guideline for servicing various types of equipment. It is available here: