MOPIA’s 27th AGM – November 17th

Notice is hereby given, that the 27th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of MOPIA will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Wednesday, 17th November 2021 at 4:30 pm (1630 hrs) for the purpose of hearing reports, electing members to the Board of Directors, receiving the financial statements, consider Bylaw amendments and to conduct other business. The 27th AGM will take place virtually online. View the link here:

Members are encouraged to attend MOPIA’s AGM live online. The supporting materials for this meeting may be viewed below or obtained by contacting MOPIA directly or by visiting our website. They include a Proxy Form, Board of Director’s position Nomination Declaration, AGM Agenda, an AGM Notice. Candidates interested in a Board position must return the Nomination’s Declaration and supporting information to MOPIA on, or before, 1200 (12:00 pm) the 17th November 2021 for consideration by the Nominations Committee.

Members are reminded that, if they are unable to attend the meeting and pursuant to Section 17 of the Association Bylaws, they may, by means of written proxy, appoint a proxy holder to attend and act at a specific meeting for members, in a manner and to the extent authorized by the proxy. The proxy appointment form may be downloaded from our website.

Also note, those interested in MOPIA may attend the meeting but are reminded that only members may vote on any business transacted at the meeting. NOTE: Association Voting Membership is separate from service technician certification.

If you have any questions regarding the 27th AGM, please contact MOPIA directly at (204) 338.2222 or 1.888.667.4203 or, visit our website at