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Once the course has been purchased on your account, you have 90 days to complete the course. If the course has not been completed at the lapse of the 90 days, your progress will be deleted and a re-purchase of the course will be required.

The final exam is 3 hours, comprised of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true/false questions.

The exam is open book, allowing the ability to navigate through course content (via the left sidebar) during the exam however, your exam progress and timer will be reset.

Students are only permitted one exam completion but may navigate freely between course content and the exam

  • Remember, exam progress will be reset when exited.


To complete the exam, answer all the questions. You will be prompted to input some personal information for our records, and your score will be calculated.

If you do not receive a passing grade of 75%, you will not complete the course. Please contact for further instruction. 

For more information on course content, browse our Compliance, and Issues website pages – there are links to external sites and environmental compliance guides.

Additionally, contact MOPIA at or (204) 338-2222. 

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be redirected to the course homepage, and an email will be sent with further instructions. Follow the instruction within this email to provide MOPIA with a preferred address in order to receive your certification card by mail.

NOTE: Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive this email, as it is automated and may be marked as spam.

Unfortunately, once you set a username for your profile, there is no way to change it (other than to make a new profile).

Your username is NOT the name that will be used for your certification card. Full names will be taken upon course completion. 

Click the “Lost Your Password” link when logging in. 

Contact for additional assistance. 

You don’t need PayPal to pay for the course – you can pay with Debit or Credit Card. Our payment gateway is set up through PayPal, but there is an option to pay via Debit/Credit within the PayPal interface.

For additional payment methods, contact MOPIA at or (204) 338-2222.