Local Leadership Adaptation Initiative Offering $1 Million Dollars to Local Governments for Extreme Weather Protection

On June 3rd, The Canadian Press reported that the Local Leadership for Climate Adaptation Initiative will be offering up to $1 million to local governments to put towards projects that will help protect communities from extreme weather events. The $530 million initiative will fund more than 1,400 municipal activities. “Every dollar invested in adapting to climate change, and protecting Canadians against climate disasters, can save as much as $13-15 in economy-wide future costs.” Says the Green Municipal Fund. 

Disaster proofing against climate change will not only be helpful in the long term, as extreme weather events such as floods, fires, and major storms have already begun to affect Canadians. Back in 2016, the Northern lights Regional Health Centre had to evacuate more than 100 patients from their hospital in the wake of wildfires. Over 90,000 people had to flee the Fort McMurray region and wait for the hospital and other essential services to reopen before they could return home. The hospital needed to have its ventilation system cleaned and its ceiling tiles entirely replaced. Climate disasters do not only affect people, but the places people need to go to receive help. Making an effort to disaster proof life-saving buildings such as hospitals is necessary against the growing number of climate disasters. Thank you to the Local Leadership for Climate Adaptation Initiative, local governments will have a better chance at protecting their infrastructure and their communities. 

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