PFAS – Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances Risks

Persistent nature of “Forever Chemicals:. PFAS are very difficult to remove from the environment and they do not naturally break down easily and can remain for a long time.

99% of Canadians have PFAS in their blood as they bio accumulate in body tissue over time

Very few alternatives that replicate the water, stain, and heat protection characteristics of PFAS.

HFC and HFO contain PFAS so Natural refrigerant alternatives is currently the next ideal change in the refrigerants we use, Europe is currently in the process of create regulations on PFAS and Canada is soon to follow starting there regulation process

In Europe this is currently up for public consultation between March 22, 2023 and Sept 25, 2023 with lots of outreach of concern

If a decision is accept to restrict, in 2025 a 18-month transition period to alternatives will begin

For more information about Canada’s future proposals on PFAS:

Products with PFAS in it