Gas hazard

Exposure to non-flammable and flammable gasses

Warning labels


Cryogenic burn injuries can range from minor skin damage to deep frostbite-type burns. The severity of these burns are related to the area involved. Decreasing the time you are exposed is the first step in treating these types on injury’s. Make sure that proper first aid and/or delivery of the patent to a burn center is essential

Mechanical Hazard

While working you must be award of mechanical hazards as they are the third most common safety hazard in HVAC and refrigeration systems. These injury’s can be caused by moving parts, tools, and equipment. Mechanical hazards can include cuts, lacerations, bruises, fractures and more. Be aware of your surroundings and plan ahead for any injury’s which could happen.

Static Electricity Concerns

Static electricity sparks can be an ignition source for flammable refrigerant 

When you are recovering flammable refrigerants, you must always make sure that everything being used:

  • refrigeration system
  • recovery unit
  • recovery tank

These must be all properly grounded to avoid any possible static electricity sparks