4.4 Section 5: Release Prohibited

Release Prohibited

A refrigerant is released when it is intentionally or unintentionally allowed to escape from a closed-loop system, sealed component or container into the environment by means of a leak in a system or during the performance of work associated with the installation, servicing or repair of a system.

No person shall release or permit the release of a regulated substance into the environment.

The term, “permit” is interpreted as “having knowledge of”.

There are exceptions to the, “Release Prohibited” clause such as:

  • Halons used for fire extinguishing
  • Health care applications, such as in bronchial dilator, inhalable steroids or veterinary sprays
  • Safety devices such as relief valves
  • Refrigerant released from a designated purge system used on a sub-atmospheric refrigeration system.
  • Refrigerant released from a charge hose less than 36” in length.