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Refrigerant Cylinders differ and there are strict regulatory requirments that must be met by a variety of government protocols. In June 2012, MOPIA discovered illegal refrigerant cylinders being sold throughout Manitoba. While sales ceased, distributors and internet sale imports may not be meeting the requirement and if you are found in possession of non-compliance cylinder(s), the penalties can be significant. You are responsible to know the laws and the facts.

In some instances, refrigerant bought off the internet of from unknown sources may not be what your counting on. Refrigerant purchased from various less well known sources coming into Manitoba has been found to contain cocktails or a variety of refrigerants. Make sure you are confident the refrigerant you purchase is from a source who will also accept back your cylinder. Its the law!

Did you know the illegal trade of refigerant is as much a black market business as illicit drugs. See:

See our latest Bulletin (June 2012) – click: ILLEGALCYLINDERShigh


While Dupont is a reliable source for quality refrigerant, their US made Dispos-A-Can is not permitted into Manitoba and much of Canada. It is shown here at left.



Transport Canada

Transport Canada has a variety of prerequisites for cylinders and their safe transport. You should contact them directly for details. Generally, cylinders must the hydrostatic test date stamped on the cylinder neck or column. Bottles need to be tested within a 10 year period.

In terms of transport, here’s a snapshot:

Trucks Carrying/Transporting Cylinders – In general, you are allowed to transport up to 150 kgs. or 5-6 30lb cylinders of refrigerant in any one truck before requiring Transport Canada placarding and documentation. Remember, 150 kgs. is the key weight threshold for small service vehicles (i.e. company vans or similar).

5.10 Means of Containment for Class 2, Gases

(1)  A person must not handle, offer for transport or transport dangerous goods included in Class 2, Gases, in a means of containment unless the means of containment is manufactured, selected and used in accordance with

(a)  for transport by road vehicle,

(i)  CSA B340, except clauses, 5.1.3(a)(ii) and 5.1.4(a),

Note that there are definitions for “handling” and “offer for transport” in section 1.4 of the TDG Regulations found at:

In terms of penalties, if an offence has been established, the section 33 of the TDG Act outlines offences and punishments:

Also see MOPIA’s E-Bulletin: E-Bulletin MOPIA April 2012


Manitoba Conservation

In Manitoba, under the Manitoba Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation 103/94, cylinders must be refillable. Some containers manufactured in Asia and from the USA do not meet this requirement. Do not acquire or purchase any of these types.

Sellers of refrigerant must also accept back your original refrigerant cylinder. Its the law. The purpose is to mandate re-use and recycling and the safe and proper disposal of surplus or contaminated refrigerant(s).

Purchasing of Refrigerants: Anyone purchasing and importing a regulated refrigerant into Manitoba must be either a Secondary Distributor (business) or a certified technician.

Environment Canada

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), Federal Halocarbon Regulation and federal Codes of Practice exist for the protection of the environment. The requirements for the proper import and export of regulated products exist and must be followed.


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