Technician Certification

Manitoba Certified Technicians

Any person working with or purchasing regulated refrigerants and parts (anything attached to the closed refrigerant loop) in Manitoba, must be certified and maintain a valid card with an assigned certification number (issued by the Minister of Conservation through MOPIA).

Manitoba (MOPIA) ODS Regulation certification is renewable annually and is valid from June 1 to May 31 of each year, regardless of start or payment date.  If you have let your certification lapse for three consecutive years it becomes invalid and re-certification is required.

MOPIA has been appointed by the Government of Manitoba, The Hon. Gord Macintosh, Minister of Conservation, to administer this responsibility.

Persons may renew their certification by calling MOPIA directly with payment over the phone by Visa or Mastercard or by sending a cheque or money order payable to MOPIA. Persons may also pay in-person at 1082 Main Street with debit or cash. A certification renewal form is located just below:

2020 Certification Renewal – web -final

This form is intended for mail, fax, or emailing to MOPIA.  It’s to be used if you have misplaced your mailed out form.

You can pay for your renewal online here.

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