Manitoba Law

The Manitoba Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation 103/94

The Regulation states how products must be handled and everything in terms of timelines, permits and training. It can be seen below:


The Manitoba Ozone Depleting Substances and Other Halocarbons Regulation 103/94:

MR 103.94 Consolidated o080

icon-PDF-tiny       Act MR 10394 2013

The Manitoba Ozone Depleting Substances (and Other Halocarbons) Act can be seen at:

The Federal Code of Practice is a useful tool used as a guideline for servicing various types of equipment. It is available here:

Code of Practice 1996

The Federal Halocarbon Regulation applies to federal facilities and undertakings of the federal house. It can be seen here:


Questions and Answers

1. Is topping-up of a regulated refrigerant allowed?

Answer: No

2. Are hydrocarbon refrigerants allowed to be used?

Answer: Hydrocarbon refrigerants may be used only after a system has the regulated refrigerant safely recovered. Adding a hydrocarbon (or other) type of refrigerant into a system that contains a regulated substances is creating a cocktail or mixture of refrigerants and is not permitted. Also refer to the orignal equipment manufacturers specifications as some systems may not work as effectively and/or damage the equipment when a different type of refrigerant is added. Extreme caution and knowledge is the best practice.


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