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MOPIA has produced a short municipal bulletin, which provides suggested or best practices for proper management of halocarbon containing appliances (i.e. refrigerators with chlorofluorocarons [CFCs] or alternative substances).  The main focus of this bulletin is to assist and educate municipalities within Manitoba towards the proper recovery of refrigerant (Freon) from discarded appliances.  In addition, it may also help to establish certain aspects of a municipal management strategy including estimating the appliance waste stream in a community; facilitating partnerships between municipal councils and certified refrigerant contractors; and helping with the promotion of a municipal halocarbon recovery program.

Residents are reminded to check with their municipal officials regarding policies towards disposing of unwanted appliances containing refrigerants – as requirements differ between jurisdictions.  Municipal officials are also reminded that refrigerants must be recovered prior to an appliance being recycled or crushed.  Please contact MOPIA for a list of reputable certified contractors near you.

  WG Bulletin June 2017 F

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